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Wood Grain / Colored PVC Fencing Options

Eastern Illusions Vinyl Fence has put the finishing touches on its new Grand Illusions Color Spectrum and Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond color and wood grain vinyl fence products. They feature 35 standard colors (as well as custom color matching capability) and lifelike wood grains. All are available in all of the Illusion PVC fence styles.

  • The Landscape Series (seven colors)
  • The Estate Series (24 colors)
  • The Designer Series (custom color matching to any swatch).
  • The Vinyl WoodBond Series has the unmatched detail of real wood and maintenance free advantage of vinyl. Available in rich Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut, Cherry, and even Eastern White Cedar, complete with knots.

grand illusions walnut woodgrain pvc fenceVinyl WoodBond is not an embossed texture like some other products. Through a patent pending six-step fusion bonding process, the color or wood grain is added. The end result has the appearance of a flat matte finished stained wood, except for the Eastern White Cedar grain, which looks like fresh, unstained white cedar.”

All are finished off with color protection by Sky2Blue Shield that resists fading, scratching, peeling and flaking. The Sky2Blue Shield provides scratch protection against normal wear and tear.

If you buy a Mahogany Vinyl WoodBond fence, it should be treated like you bought a mahogany fence.

Below is a sample photo and description of one of the Estate Series color combinations of Sahara (color) posts and rails with Federal Blue (color) pickets. The color combination possibilities are limitless for any fence application.

Estate Series

24 low gloss colors make up the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum™ Estate Series. Chosen from many of the most popular exterior accent colors. Perfect for matching siding, shutters, trim, and a multitude of other applications. All low gloss matte finish.